Nick Meincken

Artist, Photographer, General Nuisance


I like to tinker and tool around on the internet, I enjoy making things as well as a lot of art and photography.

When I'm not building websites, I'm usually drawing or painting. I find this resets my mind and levels me out. I work in very mixed media from watercolours to block printing. I want to use this site to be my creative side be it code or a place to show off my art and photography.

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So I have a really nice flatbed scanner. I used to have a CanoScan Lide 400 man moons ago, but switched up to a CanoScan 9000F because it had the ability to scan negatives, I come from a photography…

I find the front end frameworks a little over the top for the job they're required to do. We can benefit as developers of not just running to a solution without thinking through why we would use said…

I see this on almost every project I work for in large companies and it's a practice I never fully understand, it's the practice of using frameworks. I understand that often time is a factor and…

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