Meincken 2024New Site for 2024

So it's coming to the end of 2023 and I felt it was time to give this site an update. I've been a bit busy over the last few years, so not really had time to work on this site so it has gone a bit neglected.

But I feel I have a good idea for what I want to do with this site now, I'm going to dump my thoughts and ideas down in a digital environment. A place to put my code snippets and promote my work. It used to be a portfolio for my photography many moons ago and I kind of wanted to go that way and use it for photography, but I started a new site which covers my art so that may as well host some of my photography (in progress).

I wanted to try out some newer technology, so this site is built on Gatsby and keeping the back end simple I just wanted an easy tool with not much configuration so using DecapCMS as the back end has been pretty good.

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