Meincken 2023

Fri, Feb 3, 2023

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A fresh beginnning to an old site.

Meincken 2023

I started way back when I first got into web development. I used it to host code I was testing out and as my portfolio of my work at the time, I now have a few sites which serve that purpose so this I have claimed back and will be using it as a blog and home for my art, photography and possibly music if I ever learn how to record… then you’re in for a treat

I decided to go down a very different route and use technology that is pretty clean in its out put, it’s a customised hugo site with a simple back end. I have a few integrations but minimal JavaScript, mainly to prove to myself that sites don’t need to be propped up with JS all the time and that sometimes simpler is nicer.

So this site just produces flat HTML, in some places like when I include galleries I am using webcomponents where I need an API call. This keeps the site clean and less fuss, but mostly because I am using it to splutter out my inane thoughts it keeps it simple to just blog without all the weight of a giant CMS.