My name is Nick Meincken, I’m a web developer living in West London. I live in a cozy house with my wife Gayle and our 2 cats Truffles and Toblerone. When I’m not training for my next event, I’m building websites or watching movies whilst building websites. I enjoy good food, fine Rum and the odd Cuban cigar. We like to travel, and have had many strange and amazing adventures around the world including trips into the hot zone of Chernobyl as well as Vietnam, Cambodia and Borneo (this is the short list).

I started as a portfolio for my photography about 10 years ago, which then evolved into my web portfolio but since the incarnation of my company (Built By Moustache) this site then didn’t really have a use. So I have decided it will be a place for my inane ramblings and work which isn’t web related to sit. This will include my art, design and photography. Over the next few months I will be sorting through my past photography and art to get this all up here.

Toblerone the treat destroyer.
Princess Truffles Jellybean
Myself and Gayle atop Mount Kinabalu